Why “Coffee and Pizza”?

Coffee and pizza are two of my favorite things, and it is also a symbol for the late nights IT folks put in all the time. Give a programmer or an infrastructure engineer a pizza and a pot of coffee and he/she will pretty well work all night. Hopefully some of the stuff I spew on this site will help my IT brethren out in this area or give them some ideas on ways they can keep the late nights to a minimum.

More Information

I’m Chris Smith and I have the job title “DevOps Engineer”, for whatever that means. I work remotely from my home in Ft. Thomas, KY, (just outside of Cincinnati, OH) and you can often find me lurking in the corner at Starbucks, borrowing their Wi-Fi. I am gratefully employed by Trek Bicycle, where I help with the Ascend point-of-sale software we develop and sell.

I am a married father of three girls. When I’m not trucking kids to dance classes, piano lessons, or school, my hobbies include sabermetrics and running more than my hips probably care for. And of course I have a bike, too.

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